The 12th Man: Is it all doom and gloom looking forward?

The 12th Man:
We all know the old saying, it’s not over until the fat lady sings. Well at this stage, the fat lady is humming, and awaiting to exercise her vocal chords. 
It’s not something that should come to any sort of shock to us, as we simply haven’t been good enough this season. Let’s not sugarcoat anything here, and not make anymore excuses, it’s our own fault we are in this situation and the only place to point the blame is at ourselves. 
Tuesday looked to have put the nail in the coffin, and our survival chances are looking slimmer as games go on.
I’ve seen a lot of people say if only Caldwell was given more time, if Joyce wasn’t appointed as his successor, if this referee decision didn’t happen, if this player didn’t get injured etc. But we can’t live by ifs, and can only deal with the concrete facts. No matter what could of happened or been done differently, at the end of the day, we haven’t won our games and done the business on the pitch. Would we have had a better chance of survival under Caldwell or a different Caldwell successor? Who knows. But, we’ve got to stare reality in the eyes that this is the position we are in, and we can’t do anything to change that. 
Of course, I’m extremely disappointed by what has happened. I remember last season how everyone was expressing what a difference a year makes after our relegation under Uwe Rosler/Malky Mackay to League One Champions. That phrase can be applied right now, but in a completely contrasting way to last year. Recruitment for me, is the main reason for our disastrous season, there are a few other factors too that has impacted things but everyone can make up their own minds as I’m sure people will have their own reasons to why we haven’t been successful this season.
Is this completely doom and gloom? No. We will more than likely need to do a squad shake up, with a mix of trying to keep our key players and signing players redeemed with potential to be excellent buys. 
Everyone loved League One, I absolutely loved it. I wouldn’t expect, and I hope no one expects that we will walk the league, but I do feel with the right decision making from managerial appointments to recruitment, there is no reason why we can not achieve promotion. 
Looking on the present, although the 3-0 defeat at Ipswich in midweek has looked to shape our fate, however until it is set in stone, there is still something to fight for. As Wigan fans, we’ve witnessed some great escapes in the Premier League days, and it could be a greatest one to date if we somehow survive the drop.
Hopefully we can get a win against already relegated Rotherham United, it’s a great opportunity to add some points on the board. It’s the first time in a while we are considered the favourites for the game, so it’s must win. I think I’ve actually said every game is a ‘must win” since October but we simply cannot afford to lose. The home fans haven’t seen positive home form, especially in comparison to last season in which the DW was our fortress, with Wigan only scoring a total of 12 home goals this season with only achieving three home wins in the entire Championship season. I’m optimistic about Saturday, we’ve got nothing to lose, so we may as well go for it and give our fans at least something to smile about.
Up the Tics!
Jay Whittle


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