Matt Macey: Future Premier League Goalkeeper?

In recent news, Matt Macey has been recalled back from Arsenal from Luton Town due to Arsenals Goalkeeping crisis. Currently, Arsenal FC have two Goalkeepers, Petre Cech and David Ospina who are both been ruled out injured. So the only Goalkeeper left at Arsenal is 24-year-old Argentinan Emiliano Martinez. Despite the Gunners not using one of their youth Goalkeepers, they decided to recall 22-year-old Matt Macey from Luton Town.
Matt Macey joined the Hatters from Arsenal on the last day of the January transfer window. During his spell at Luton, Matt has been number 1 goalkeeper at Luton Town making a total of 13 appearances in all competitions. In his last game for Luton Town Matt made crucial saves throughout the match making sure his team get them all important 3 points against Blackpool,
However, during his time at Luton, some fans were disappointed with the lack of not dominating his box when coming out from crosses and corners. Can you blame him?  With Premier League coaches being what it is, these young British Goalkeepers are told not to come out and catch the ball but to punch it instead.
Speaking to a Luton fan, this is what he said about Matt Macey:
“Macey was an alright keeper in short time.”
“Good shot stopper, good distribution one of the best I’ve seen for a few years. Good communication skills. But not great in the air which lets him down.”
“Overall was getting better and better. He is the top 3 under 24 Goalkeepers in the Premiership. He will go on to have a good career in the game, once he has left Arsenal.”
So there you have it, will Macey go on to have a great career? Only time will tell.
Lewis Williams

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