Who to stay and who to go for Wigan Athletic in the 2017 Summer Window? The Retain List Debate 

Who to stay and who to go with Wigan  in the 2017 Summer Window? The Retain List Debate 
I know you’re probably thinking, Wigan haven’t even got a permanent manager so why are you even trying to talk about decisions on players’ contracts?
But, with players contracts and loans expiring at the end of June, the decision will quickly approach which players to retain at the club, and which players out of contact at their current clubs which could target. 
First of all, let’s talk about the players currently out of contract at Wigan Athletic: 
David Perkins: 
David Perkins, Wigan Athletic’s Player of the Year in the 2015-16 campaign. The endless energy midfielder was so influential in the club’s promotion season to the Championship, being ever present alongside Max Power. David Perkins will turn 35 at the end of June, so it’s arguable that he won’t have many seasons left before the boots are hung up. Would I offer Perkins a new deal? 
Yes. Perkins although he may not play as often next season, he is so influential and a massive character in the dressing room. His experience is priceless in the football world, and he can be very useful behind the scenes, helping our young midfielders grow and develop. Max Power, Alex Gilbey, Josh Laurent, Sam Morsy, Jordan Flores are still young, and learning their trade, so a pro like Perkins can be vital in helping their development. Perkins has to stay for me, as not only is he a good League One midfielder, but he offers so much more behind the scenes that people will imagine. 
Craig Morgan:
Morgan, again, was ever present and captained us to the League One title in the 2015-16 campaign. Morgan has had limited game time in the 2016-17 campaign, in a season hit by injuries. Morgan is very composed on the ball, and a overall solid defender. Although pace has never been on his side, his ability and experience to read the game, is so valuable to the team. Morgan is a leader from the back, and I believe the only reason he’s not played more frequently is due to the form of Dan Burn and Jake Buxton. Morgan returned to the side against Aston Villa, and impressed, and is a player I hope we can keep. He’s the type of calibre I’d like to keep at the club, a defender that I’d like to keep at the club. 
Stephen Warnock:
Captain fantastic. Not much more I need to say. Look at our defensive record this week, despite our league position, we have the 8th best defence in the league. I see Championship twitter polls to vote for the ‘Best LB in the season”, and I actually can’t help but feel Warnock has been overlooked due to our league position. Warnock is a player who leads by example for generations to follow, he’s what football should be about, and not the game which it is turning out to be. Warnock is defensively sound, very tough with his style of play, and will put his body on the line every week for the club. Warnock has only been at the club for over a year, but I can’t even recall many occasions when he hasn’t performed well. You can argue, he’s 35 and getting on, but there is no one who can justify him not deserving a new contract. Player of the season candidate this year, and someone who is a massive character both on and off the field. 
Jussi Jaaskelainen: 
Jussi is a veteran. A great pro, who was a key former in the League One campaign. With game time limited, and his current age of 41( turning 42 at the end of April), I believe unless a coaching role is a possibility, I think he should be let go in the summer to either continue his career as a player or retire and go into coaching. There has been rumours of Jussi returning to Bolton, to take up the role as a Player Coach, that could have a high probability if there is any truth contained within. I’m very thankful of Jussi for his time at the club, but unfortunately, I think it’s time for him to go. 
Gabriel Obertan:
Obertan was signed on deadline day by previous manager Warren Joyce in the January transfer window. Obertan was seen as a replacement for Yanic Wildschut, who departed in a £7.5 million pound move to Norwich. Obertan, hasn’t exactly hit the ground running, and has been very unimpressive in my opinion. Joyce expressed how Obertan is on the lowest wage of his career, but I still think he’ll be one of the club’s highest earners considering the clubs he’s been at. Obertan hasn’t done anything to earn a new deal, so I will not be surprised if he departs in the summer. 

Loanees: Short and simple yes or no answers. Yes meaning try to sign permanently, No meaning let them return to their parent clubs. This is subjective, based upon my opinion, so if you disagree, that’s entirely up to you. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on who you’d like to stay and go on twitter- @JayAllOutAttack
Jamie Hanson: 

No: Hanson has been hit and miss since his arrival. He’s had a few impressive moments and showed glimpses of why he’s nicknamed “Bruiser” at Derby County. But, all in all, I haven’t really been impressed and he isn’t a player I’d try to sign permanently at the club.
Alex Bruce:

Yes: I know he hasn’t played at all for us, but from seeing him at previous clubs, he’s a great experienced defender, and would be an asset in League One if we face the drop.
Callum Connolly:
Yes: Callum has impressed me from his debut at Burton, in which he went from unknown to hero within 90 minutes. Connolly has been decent defensively, and has looked good going forward, showing his skill in the final third. Connolly is still a young lad with massive potential, and I feel Everton will want to keep him next season to be involved with their plans. If it’s possible, I’d like to keep Callum at the club. 
Jakob Haugaard: 
Yes: He was an instant hero like Connolly, with him saving a penalty and keeping a clean sheet in his debut against Nottingham Forest. Haugaard has been solid in goal, however due to an unfortunate injury, has lost his place in the side due to the good form of Matt Gilks. Haugaard is still young at 24 so he has potential to grow at the club. Haugaard looks to be out of Stoke’s future plans, so I’m interested to see how this one plans out. 
Marcus Browne: 
No Comment: I’m in no position to judge Marcus Browne on whether to keep him at the club, due to him only featuring once in a brief cameo against Manchester United. Browne has had a difficult time at the club with numerous injuries, so he hasn’t had the opportunity to show what he can do. He is viewed to have a big future at West Ham, as he recently signed a new deal before coming to us on loan, so I can’t see them letting him go permanently. 
Kyle Knoyle: 
No Comment: Literally an identical situation to Marcus Browne, impossible to judge. 
Reece Burke:
No Comment: Again, similar to the Marcus Browne and Kyle Knoyle situations. Is there some sort of curse between West Ham loanees at the club? Reece Burke is proclaimed as the next Bobby Moore by West Ham fans, and is highly thought of by the club itself. It’s a shame we haven’t seen much of Reece Burke, as Bradford and West Ham fans couldn’t speak highly enough of him. 

Ryan Tunnicliffe:
No: Tunnicliffe looked very good in his first start in his second loan spell at the club against Preston North End, but he hasn’t been able to replicate that style of performance. I feel slightly sorry for him as he has been played out of position during his time at the club so we haven’t got to see him play his natural game. He’s out of contact at Fulham in the summer so it’s interesting to see what happens with him. I haven’t been that impressed and wouldn’t go out of my way to sign him. 
 James Weir: 
No Comment: Haven’t seen enough of him to judge. Looked bright and energetic, but hasn’t had enough game time to show what he can really do so it would be unfair on me to judge. 

Let me just reiterate, this is my personal opinion so you are more than entitled to disagree and tell me your thoughts. I’d love to hear what fellow fans have to say. 

Written by Jay Whittle  



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