League 2 Promotion Battle: Who Will Get Promoted Out Of League 2?

February. February is that type of month for all football fans where they give their individual opinion on where they think their team can finish at the end of the season.

Doncaster Rovers
Here we have the league leaders, Doncaster. They’re top of the league, don’t need to give a reason why they’re top as I am going to sound like Micheal Owen. Doncaster got relegated from League 1 in the 15/16 season, finishing on a point tally of 46 points. At the moment they’re on their way in getting instant promotion back to League 1. Personally, when I watch them play last year, (Yes, I’m a Luton Fan. Someone got to support them), they got beaten by a well inform Luton Town side. However, in that game, they showed what type of team they’re by dominating the game despite being 3-1 down. Do I think they will get promoted this season, yes if they continue their form from now to the end of the season.

Plymouth Argyle
Anyone fancy a trip to Anfield in the FA CUP Thrid Round? Plymouth fans must be loving life right now. They manage to pull off an excellent defensive display to earn themselves a replay at home to Liverpool, which ended up for them earning themselves over 1 million pounds. Never to mind that they’re currently sitting 2nd place in the league. At the start of the season if you ask a Plymouth fan if they would like an FA Cup trip to Anfield and to be sitting 2nd place in the league in the same season I bet they would have laughed in your face. Especially after getting beaten by Luton 3-0 at home on the opening day of the season. Do I think they will get promoted at the end of the season, most likely yes if they keep their main players injury free.

Carlise United
What a brilliant start to the season Carlise United had, who would have thought it? At the outset of the season, everyone was saying the likes of Luton, Portsmouth and Plymouth are the teams which are going to get promoted this season. Carlise United have flown under the radar and rightly so, but with their central striker leaving to go to Bradford City in the January Transfer Window will they be able to stay in the Playoffs? Despite losing their central striker, I still believe that they will finish in the playoffs but automatics I don’t think so.

Luton Town
My team Luton Town. After a brilliant start to the season beating the likes of Plymouth, Doncaster and Wycombe promotion out of League 2 look easy. However, after a few dodgy performances against the more likely easier teams, Luton slowly started to go down the league but remaining in the Playoffs zone. After a positive January Transfer Window, Luton now looks like a team ready to go on a run and challenged for the automatic playoff place or even the top spot. With the loss of their leading midfielder Cameron McGeehan, Luton Town are showing signs of coping without him. Can Luton get promoted this season? Yes, if they can beat the teams which are in the bottom half of the league and grind out must-win games at home.

Just like Luton, Portsmouth struggles to beat the teams which they should be beating especially at home. I like Portsmouth they got a good team, and they create one of the best atmospheres in the league due to their fantastic support of over 15,000 home fans. They have the quality to go up but so do the likes of Luton, Plymouth and Doncaster but only 3 of them teams can get promoted automatically out of League 2. Personally, due to recent history, I do believe that Portsmouth will be the team to miss out on automatic playoffs but do believe that they have the squad that is capable of getting promoted by going to Wembley.

This is just a few teams which I have mentioned that have the chance of getting promoted this season. You have teams like Wycombe, Exeter, Mansfield and Colchester who got the opportunity to go up this season if they manage to put on a decent run of performances together.

By Lewis Williams


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