The Top 5 Surprise Players of The Wild Card Round

5. Andre Holmes, Oakland Raiders WR – In their woeful game against the Texans the Raiders’ found some refuge in the wide receiver Holmes who stepped up when Michael Crabtree left the game. He linked with Connor Cook several times for 50 yards and a TD. Agreed, it may have been only consolation but the Raiders showed they had depth at WR and Andre Holmes’ reliability and ability to actually hold onto the ball seemed one of their only positives to take away from their loss.

Holmes securing a first down in their game against Houston.

4. Brock Osweiler, Houston Texans QB – Brock, although by no means spectacular, seemed much more professional dismissing the Raiders in Houston. He seemed calm, collected and without a turnover the entire game it’s hard to argue that he surprised many fans by outclassing Connor Cook and surely earning his starting role in Houston’s next game. His passes were on the money, throwing one and running one into the end zone to lead his team to a 27-14 victory.

Brock Osweiler walking into the end zone for his rushing TD.

3. Paul Richardson, Seattle Seahawks WR – This man made himself a name on Saturday with two huge one-handed catches, both in important situations for the Seattle Seahawks. His emphatic, athletic catches could not have come at a better time with every NFL fan glued to their screen watched him reach over the Lions secondary and make plays. With their next game against Atlanta sure to make great viewing he could not have drawn attention to himself at a better time.

Paul Richardson’s insane one-handed catch against Detroit.

2. Thomas Rawls, Seattle Seahawks, RB – Rawls had a mammoth game against the Lions for a total of 161 yards holding no prisoners as the Seahawks built their offense on the back of his excellent and aggressive running. After troubles with injury and struggling to find his feet Rawls chose an excellent game to make his esteemed comeback and if his body can sustain his running ability then be sure to see him utilised in future Seahawk games.

Rawls celebrating in the end zone.

1. Randall Cobb, Green Bay Packers WR – Cobb was on fire against the Giants scoring 3 touchdowns and receiving for 116 yards. This was an electric start to the playoffs for Cobb who was questionable to play this weekend. He only scored 4 TDs in the regular season, but with 3 already to his name in the post season he is surely one to watch in the rest of the Packers’ playoff games. Green Bay fans everywhere will be watching intently hoping to see him perform at the ability we saw him demonstrate against the Giant’s secondary.

Cobb leaving behind 3 Giants’ defenders.

By Aidan Lees


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