John Obi Mikel’s Best Moments In A Chelsea Shirt

John Obi Mikel has left Chelsea for Chinese club Tianjin TEDA FC. However Mikel has been a loyal servant for Chelsea FC, over the past 10 years Mikel made 374 club appearances and has only scored 6 goals. Over his 10 years with the club, Mikel had won 2 Premier Leagues; 4 FA Cups; 2 League Cups; 1 Community Shield; 1 UEFA Europa league and best of all 1 UEFA Champions League. That’s 11 in 10 for Mikel, now I’m going to look back on some of his best moments in a blue shirt.

Let’s start with Mikel’s first ever goal for the club, in my opinion this goal was the pick of the bunch. It came on January 6th 2007 when Chelsea played Macclesfield Town in the FA Cup. Chelsea were coasting home already winning 4-1, and with the Macclesfield defence failing to clear a cross from the left wing, the ball fell to Mikel’s feet just outside of the box where he would then go on to rifle the ball into the top left corner. Chelsea then went on, to what was Mikel’s second trophy, to win the Cup.

Moving three years from that moment into 2010, where Mikel would win his first ever Premier League trophy, this wasn’t Mikel’s last ever Premier League medal as he would then win it in 2015. Mikel appeared 25 times in a blue shirt during the 2009-10 title winning season, and did not score a single goal. Mikel’s first premiership goal only came in the 2013-14 season where a corner was met by the head of John Terry, flicking the ball into the six yard box for Mikel to connect with the ball putting in the back of the net against rivals Fulham. This goal sent every Chelsea fan everywhere crazy, for the closing minutes of the game he would be prompted to shoot be the Stamford Bridge crowd every time he had the ball.

Now for possibly the greatest moment in most of those Chelsea players (that appeared) careers, that night in Munich. Mikel played all 120 gruelling minutes for Chelsea, with Chelsea only having 44% of the ball. Bayern Munich hammered the Chelsea goal for 120 mins with 26 shots and I’m sure Mikel like the other Chelsea players in the squad are still wondering how they went on to win the most prestigious trophy in club football.
That wasn’t Mikel’s last honour for the club as he would then go and win the Europa League and also the Premier League once again. Mikel will not go down in Chelsea history for being a club legend but he will be go down as being a very loyal servant, and as he said in his goodbye message, Chelsea will always be a part of who he is.

By Aaron Houston-Wenham


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