10 Dream Matches The Fans Want To See At WrestleMania 33

AJ Styles vs Finn Balor
AJ Styles and Finn Balor has been a dream match in the minds of WWE fans ever since AJ Styles’ arrival at the Royal Rumble, and what better location than Wrestlemania 33.
Both men competed in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Both men at one time led the Bullet Club in Japan, made up of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows (known in WWE as “The Club”). WWE has already acknowledged Styles’ history with Gallows and Anderson in Japan, booking them in high profiled feuds against John Cena and the team of Enzo and Cass. WWE has also trademarked ” Balor Club” as part of their merchandising.
Both Styles and Balor are extremely talented, brilliant in ring workers, and will certainly put on a show that is Wrestlemania worthy.
Sasha Banks vs Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Bayley
The women who was described as the four horse women of NXT. As a four, they put on a set of phenomenal matches, and due to this, have sparked a Women’s revolution in wrestling.
Sasha Banks and Bayley made history for the Women’s division, becoming the first ever female superstars to main event a WWE pay per view, which also got voted ” the Match of the Year” by the WWE universe. Becky Lynch is the current WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion, Charlotte is the current Raw Women’s Champion, so the stage could be set for a dream match at Wrestlemania 33.
Banks, Charlotte and Lynch stole the show at Wrestlemania 32, achieving a standing ovation, and with a superstar with Bayley’s talent, passion and enthusiasm added to the match, fans will be dying to see the four horse women of NXT fight one last battle.
Fatal-Four-way matches are already an exciting style of WWE match. Last-minute saves on a potential pinfall, momentum swinging back and forth amongst all of the competitors. With all four women having a range of brawling,submission and aerial moves that could all play well of the move sets of others. The match has potential to tell a brilliant story, and will certainly be a box office match if WWE opt to book it.
Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamara
The architect and the King of Strong style could be a dream match, with both superstars showing a type of respective skills and strengths that would play incredibly off of each other. Seth Rollins has a heel persona who can ooze the frustration he feels in a match. Nakamura is a charismatic showboater who can spend the whole match irritating Rollins and causing a real problem throughout the match.
Seth Rollins and Shinsuke Nakamura both have incredible move sets, showing a vary of strong strike, speed and aerial threat.
Nakamura is not claimed as ” The King of Strong Style” for no just reason, and with the calibre of Rollins’ ability, the two would hold a brilliant match.
Cesaro vs Brock Lesnar
The Swiss Superman versus The Beast in carnage has all the potential to being a match to remember for the fans of the WWE.
Lesnar is known for being one of the most powerful men to ever grace WWE, especially with him being a UFC fighter, his strength and physique will create fear into any competitors eyes.
Cesaro is one of the most underrated talents in the WWE, and a match with Brock Lesnar would be the push Cesaro deserves. Cesaro is an extremely talented superstar, and with Brock Lesnar being a box office for the WWE, Cesaro will finally get his reward. Cesaro has a superb move set which consist of unbelievable aerial moves and also a brilliant show of strength.
 The Swiss Superman would be able to counter Brock’s moves while still being able to take all of the brutality necessary in a long match with The Beast. Even though Brock would inevitably win the match (considering Brock’s booking and being a box office for the company), this contest wouldn’t be about the end destination, it would be about the journey and the story telling of the match.
It can certainly be a match made in heaven, and one that is certainly Wrestlemania worthy
Seth Rollins vs Triple H
Seth Rollins, was once a prodigy of the Authority and was given multiple opportunities for glory in which before his injury, saw him win the Money in the Bank, WWE United States Championship and WWE World Heavyweight Championship, alongside the authority.
However, Triple H, turned on Seth Rollins, gifting Kevin Owens a victory, making Owens the new WWE Universal Champion. Once Triple H shocked the WWE fans by returning in the middle of the WWE Universal Championship match on an episode of Raw, and once he helped Rollins eliminate Reigns, it looked set that Rollins would have the Authority’s backing once more. To the shock of many, Rollins was betrayed by Triple H and was cost of an opportunity for the Universal Championship.
Rollins and Triple H already have the potential of a feud, and a feud was building between the teacher and the apprentice before Rollins’s injury.
With Triple H costing Rollins, Rollins looks set to be wanting revenge, and could take part with Triple H in a grudge match with epic outcomes.
Triple H’s in ring ability can never be doubted, as he will forever be known as a legend of the WWE. In the course of his career, Triple H has held a total of 25 championships, including nine WWE Championships and five World Heavyweight Championships. His finishing move ” The Pedigree”, also shared by Rollins, due to their time working together in the Authority, can play an integral part of the match to see who can perform the most devastating version. It’s a saying that nothing can beat the original, however I’m sure Rollins may have something to say about that.
Rollins is currently one of the company’s prized assets, and has held every title available in the WWE, apart from the intercontinental championship, since his debut in the main roster in 2012. Rollins is a very talented superstar and his move set is one of a kind in the WWE roster.
Rollins is a box office superstar, Triple H is a WWE legend, the match has all the makings to be one to go down in Wrestlemania history if WWE decide to book the match.
Lesnar vs Owens
They are both the most technically astounding and physically imposing wrestlers in the company, and to see them go face to face on the grandest stage of them all would be jaw-dropping. Owens has been putting on matches of high calibre since his days in Ring of Honour and Lesnar is a former UFC Champion which you could claim he won that honour on his sheer outstanding wrestling ability alone. He is also the most muscular man in the company and resembles more of a giant boulder than a human being, so to see both square off in the middle of the ring would be a match for the ages. The WWE Universe has been screaming for someone to fight Lesnar who would be a sufficient opposition for him. Owens has the wrestling capabilities for him to really give Lesnar a challenge and not impede Lesnar’s image of this destructive powerhouse that can’t be stopped. It also means Owens doesn’t have to be bludgeoned by Lesnar’s enormous elbows to give Brock even more of a push as per what happened to Randy Orton. To see these two forces in the wrestling industry today put on a Wrestlemania match would probably go down as one of the most memorable matches in the pay-per-view’s long and star-studded history.
The Dudley Boyz vs The New Day vs Enzo & Cass (TLC Match)
In my personal opinion, one of the greatest Wrestlemania matches ever that generated some of the most groundbreaking moments in WWE history was the tag team triple threat match between The Dudley Boyz, The Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian at Wrestlemania X-Seven. The match included daredevil spots such as Jeff Hardy being speared off of a ladder and showcases of extreme wrestling that The Dudleyz are renowned for from their days in ECW. D-Von and Bubba Ray thrive in these kinds of matches and to book another TLC match with the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in history; The New Day, and one of the most promising tag team in WWE for a while; Enzo & Cass, the match could be considered as one of the all time greats as the last one was. The match would obviously include the Tag Team Championships as the match needs a motive, and to see any one of the three tag teams walk away with the titles is almost guaranteed to please everyone. As long WWE don’t overdo the nostalgia and create new memorable moments instead of recycling spots from the Wrestlemania X-Seven match, it could be an astounding match and a welcome back to the Dudleyz that the wrestling legends deserve.
The Rock vs Reigns
The Rock sells pay-per-views. It’s just proven fact even after he became only part time in the company, as evident in his back to back matches against John Cena. Even just The Rock’s presence at Wrestlemania, as he has done the past few years, without even wrestling gets the crowd hyped. So to book him in a match against someone so prominent in the company could even break Wrestlemania records. WWE can even make the angle personal, as Roman Reigns is The Rock’s cousin after all, which causes the rivalry to have even more momentum and a powerful drive going into Wrestlemania itself. There’s also the fact that Reigns seems to be unfavoured with a lot of the WWE Universe ever since his WWE Championship run. This would mean that almost everyone would be behind the WWE legend turned Hollywood star, making the atmosphere inside the Camping World Stadium in Florida “electrifying” (see what I did there) and could even push Reigns’ popularity with the crowd if he puts on a phenomenal match. Adding The Rock to Wrestlemania 33 seems to be a must for WWE and would be certain to create some memorable moments as anything with The Rock in usually is! Well… maybe except The Scorpion King.
Wyatt vs Triple H
The most imposing and fearful stable in the WWE today against an equally imposing and fearful powerhouse in the form of The Authority. Booking the Wyatt Family to pose a threat to The Authority would be an interesting and intense feud. The Wyatt’s, known for their sinister trickery, would be perfect to mess with the McMahon-Helmsley regime as The Authority have no power over a cult like Bray Wyatt’s following. Various vignettes and vintage Wyatt promos could ensue leading up to their big match at Wrestlemania 33. This basically gives Wyatt a free canvas to create his wrestling artwork as he is in no danger of undermining The Authority’s power as they have made their power quite clear over the past few years. This feud would also give WWE a chance of turning Bray Wyatt face as everyone would be backing him to overthrow The Authority, as well as giving Wyatt that Wrestlemania win he so craves after coming up short at all other previous attempts. It’s an angle WWE could embrace fanatically and change the landscape of WWE for the better, something a lot of people would happily welcome.
The Undertaker vs John Cena
The Undertaker. Just mentioning his name makes you think of greatness. The Undertaker has been wrestling in the company for over a quarter of a decade and undoubtedly has given the fans some of the most awe-inspiring and great moments ever. So he deserves a send-off equally as great, and who better than the face of the company and the fifteen time world champion; John Cena. WWE have kept Cena and Undertaker away from each other for years, not even partaking in the odd interaction.. The last time these two veterans fought was 2003, and as absence makes the heart grow fonder, a clash at Wrestlemania 33 would be earth-shattering. Just mentioning the two stars in the same sentence alone would create a huge amount of hype and generate an untold amount of money for WWE and would be the match of the ages, especially as it would be The Undertaker’s swan song.
The big question is though, who wins this bout? Seasoned veterans in WWE usually have a tradition of losing their last match to give a push to their opponent and The Undertaker is as old school as it gets. On the other side though is the fact that Cena needs no push to get anywhere in the company, he already possesses that power. Undertaker deserves to win his last match of the grandest stage of them all, a stage he has made his own for most of his career. The fact he lost his streak to Brock Lesnar is bad enough for Taker, so for him to win his last match and go out as a legend would restore that and be a perfect ending to a seasoned veteran’s legendary career.
At the end of the match he should be left alone in the ring, a ring he has worked in for 26 years, a ring he has made his own, to have a moment with the fans who have been so loyal to him throughout his career. He should take his hat off and kneel in the ring, the lights go out and all that is left in the ring is Taker’s hat, a legendary hat for a legendary performer. This would be the most memorable and emotional wrestling moment in time gone by, fitting for someone of The Undertaker’s calibre.
By Jay Whittle and Harry Robinson

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